Hi. Welcome to Shepherding the Mind. Please bear with us while we re-engineer this site. We are based in Cheltenham, UK.

What's going on here?

The original concept for Shepherding the Mind (StM) was born of my own experiences of depression. In rather unusual circumstances a large German Shepherd had come into my life and he somehow managed to help me in ways the normal 'talking' therapies would not have been able to. In retrospect my 2012 depression may have been amplified by the Multiple Sclerosis that was already in my system but was not diagnosed until the autumn of 2014. I say, with no sense of hyperbolie, he kept me alive.

Necessity being the mother of invention means Shepherding the Mind has taken an initial diversion into using dogs to promote awareness of MS for men and women in their 20s and 30s where there is often an issue with denial. In tandem with this we can use the dogs to reach out to troubled teenagers and young adults who have issues with human authority figures. Dogs work differently as teachers.


Our primary research tasks are to:
Study brain waves, identify how brain waves differ in the limbic brain from the pre-frontal cortex (PFC - the 'thinking' bit) and then examine if humans and dogs transmit brain activity in the limbic systems at the same frequency. If so, it is possible we may be able to find a beat-frequency and use quantum mechanics in combination with modern findings about reflector neurones to explain how dogs and humans communicate emotionally, how dogs pick up on human emotional activity and how we can then use that for healing purposes. Then to look at how the function of the PFC in the post-industrial age 'always on' society may interfere with that.

In order to help:

  • Older folk, often former service men and women, who through a lifetime of emotional resilience may have become a little unconnected and difficult to reach and thus struggle in mid-life when circumstances turn against them
  • Explore where the venn diagrams of addictions, depression, PTSD (although former military I don't mean just the subset of military derived traumas) and aspects of dis-ease come together (ie possibly they are linked in their bio-chemico-neurologies ?)
  • Young Adults who may not respond to 'Authority' figures, especially if they are carrying the emotional debt of absent or abusive primary care givers as children

Come say hello.

Want to say hello?
You'll find us walking dogs in Pitville Park, Cheltenham or
Guy M - Main PoC for the project's research tasking.
+ 44 7527 428 089

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